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Image Optimizer 5.10

Image Optimizer allows you to convert, resize, and edit your images quickly
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Image Optimizer allows you to convert, resize, and edit your images faster and in no time. The program comes with a very user-friendly interface that makes it a perfect place to start in image editing for novice users. Its one-click access to the all editing tools and effects, and its built-in image preview helps you to work faster on your images.

However, the editor itself is not as flexible as other commercial tools, such as Adobe editors. Still, you can rotate, resize, flip, and crop any image in seconds. The program also allows you to watermark any image using a text or image of your choice as watermark. You can also convert any number of images using its built-in batch processor, which, unfortunately, cannot resize and watermark multiple images in one single operation.

The one good thing about the program is its simplicity and ease of use, but not many expert users would recommend it due to its limited features - the program does not even offer color and brightness correction tools. I guess that there are many other better image optimizers available for free on the Internet these days, or you can always try the Pro version of the same program, which has all the features you may need to play around with your images.

Shortly, the program comes with very basic image editing tools and optimizing features, and cannot be recommended to any serious computer user.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use
  • Faster processing and real-time preview of the image


  • Limited features
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